A little bit about me and what makes me tick

There is a famous story called ‘The Blind Men and the Elephant’. A group of blind men are each asked to touch an elephant, but each one touches a different part. One touches the leg, another the tusk and yet another touches the ear, and so on. When they are then asked to explain what sort of thing an elephant is, of course they all give a different account. Each of them holds only part of the picture. A teacher then explains that all of these descriptions together, make up a true picture of the elephant.

I am telling you this story, because it illustrates a situation that we only too often find ourselves in, in real life as well. We see only part of the situation. Others may see different parts that we are not aware of. And if we don’t realise this, we end up making false assumptions about it. Worse still, we end up basing our decisions on it.

When I was managing a division at Sony, I was responsible for the introduction of new audio and video formats. Marketing people would have one approach to the challenge, technical people quite another. It was my job to ‘connect the dots’, make sure that everyone’s concept of this new product we were launching, matched that actual product.

This is my passion - what I am good at, and love doing. To take a step back and take in as much of the situation in a single view as I can. And that is also where one of my core qualities as a coach / consultant lies, specifically when I am asked to support strategic decision making. I do not tell you my opinion or what to do. I will help you find the door, but you have to step through it.

I am passionate about helping people to reach their goals, and helping to resolve their conflicts. And all of my work is based on the core values of trust, respect and self-determination.